Play Better Golf

Lesson 23: Power-up Your Swing With Squat

Area: Mobility

Practice Site: Home

Instructions by: Jon Tattersall

For golfers, the true source of power is the lower body. This is especially true with the likes of Bubba Watson and Rory McIlroy, both long hitters. These players start their downswing by doing a dip down, and then shoot up using their toes through the hitting zone. You need to push off the ground hard through impact, as if you are jumping into the air. You must feel your weight shooting up instead of hitting through the ball straight. Having tight calves, however, will put your jumping ability into a halt, and at the same time prevent you from maintaining your posture through impact. Do you have “power ready” calves? Test them!

Step 1: Use your driver as balance. Place your feet together flatly on the ground and bend your knees. Squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Your calves are not flexible enough if your heels lift when doing this.

Step 2: Do the squat again, but wedge a 2-inch high object under both heels. If you squat and feel this way is easier, your calves are lacking flexibility that you need to give leverage as you swing.

Step 3: Strengthen your calves by sitting on the ground with the legs stretched out. Get a molded foam roller or anything similar to its shape and place it under your calves. With your arms placed behind you, pull your rear end a little off the ground. Switch the roller’s location until you find the most uncomfortable position. Keep your rear end lifted and hold the position for a few second. Allow the gravity to push your calves against the object. Doing this for five minutes a day is a great help. Do this routine until you are able to squat without lifting your heels (step 1).