Play Better Golf

Playing the 60-Yard Pitch (Video)

This drill will help you deal with distance control on short pitches and when you often have fat or thin shots on short pitches.

This technique can really save your shot; a drill that is worthwhile to practice on this summer. Start with a set-up where the ball is in the middle of your stance, with both your hands and sternum slightly ahead of the ball. Don’t overdo this or you will have a de-lofted club and hit the ball way too low, and maybe farther than intended. Remember that your initial setup is crucial in taking the bounce off the club.

Swing as you would normally do, but make it a “smaller version” of your normal swing. Allow your arms to work with the rest of your body to reach a level of consistency. Keep these ideas in mind as you hit the range and try to practice this drill as much as you can.