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Playing in Wet Conditions: Things to Keep in Mind

Wet conditions can be a nightmare for golfers, but don’t allow the rain to ruin your spirit. Joe Compitello, one of the Best Young Teachers from Plainfield C.C. in New Jersey, shares a few tips on how to deal with rain when playing.

1. Do not depend on run-out. Unlike in dry conditions, the ball will not roll off the tee when the course is wet. Low driver? Consider adjusting your driver’s loft to carry the ball farther.

2. Contact the ball first when chipping. When playing in the rain, your chips can get chunky much easier. It is more difficult to chip on soft condition as the wedge dig farther, so focus first on making contact with the ball.

3. Sometimes, wet conditions will make you spin like a pro. Be prepared to see your ball spin more on wet greens, so mind the club you are choosing.

Bonus tip: bring extra towels. Keep your grips and hands dry to keep your edge on the game, regardless of the downpour.