Play Better Golf

Pitch It Better With Less Wrist Action

On pitch shots, the main skill that you need to focus on is how you control distance. So, how do you control distance? By predicting the contact with the ball. Hitting the ball thin or fat, even just a bit, will compromise your ball’s distance.

Excessive wrist action during the backswing is one of the main factors that affect contact. A big wrist hinge can result in steep downswing and can cause the club to hit behind the ball. Steep swingers may hit it squarely, but always on the edge of fatting it.

Less wrist hinge is preferable, allowing you to brush the ground on impact. Take it from Steve Stricker: He maintains firm wrists when going back, then turns his body with his arms. Everythings goes back together again as his hit comes through. This is a solid, repeatable movement.

Take it from Strick. Pitch like him. Give the ball your most lofted hit, play it about middle, then utilize your front foot more. With less hinge, swing back wide and then turn your body to swing through. After you master this movement, you’ll notice that your contact will greatly improve.


Best Drill
Minimizing weight shift, just like lessening wrist hinge, can help result in better contact. Favoring your front foot helps with hitting the ball before the ground. This drill might help: position yourself for set up, lean toward the target, with your back foot angled in.