Play Better Golf

Park the Golf Cart and Be Healthier

Invented in the 1930’s, golf carts gained popularity with golfers in the 50’s and until now, are the most common transportation mode for most golfers, particularly in the U.S.

Carts are useful. Some courses are built on land that are not suitable for walking, hence the use of carts. These mini cars also offer courses additional source of revenue, too and at the same time allow disabled or injured players continue playing the game.

However, walking is still a healthier option compared to riding a cart. This fact is backed up by a number of notable studies:

A study conducted by the Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences show that you can burn up to 1,400 calories just by walking an 18-hole course. Compare it with the 800 calories you burn when using a cart, it is obvious which is healthier. Additional research includes one from Dr. Edward A. Palank, a cardiologist. His study revealed that bad cholesterol is greatly decreased when a player walks instead of riding a cart. In fact, four hours of walking around and playing is like having 45 minutes of extensive fitness training.

In general, you’ll cover more or less 7 miles when walking an 18-hole round on a 6,000-yard course. Heart rate increases to up to 119 beats per minute when you walk. Add to it these wonderful benefits of walking:

  • Helps decrease your risk of having heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.
  • Helps lose weight.
  • Boosts energy levels.
  • Minimizes stress.
  • Better sleep.
  • Increases the capacity of lungs.
  • Promotes improved sleep.
  • Improves your stamina.
  • Helps fight depression and anxiety, hence improves your mood.
  • Makes your immune system stronger.

Furthermore, walking is said to minimize a smoker’s cravings for cigarettes.