Play Better Golf

Lesson 11: On-Plane Backswing Check

Area: Iron Play

Practice Site: Range or at home

Instructions by: Mike Adams

As you progress with grooving, it is crucial to keep your moves in check. Are you making the right moves? It is important to match the angle of the shaft with your shoulder line midway your backswing. Take a friend with you and do the following:

Step 1: Using any iron, swing back but let the right elbow fold naturally. During the backswing, stop when your hands reach the height of your waist.

Step 2: Ask your friend to align a club or stick along the shoulder line. Make sure the club you are swinging is parallel to the alignment stick.

Step 3: Regardless of the alignment stick’s position, move the club to match its position. Hold this spot for a few seconds or until you memorize its location. Once you consistently match the shaft-shoulder line, you are surely in. Nevertheless, the matchups still vary depending on your ideal backswing shape, which you have learned earlier.

For under golfers, the alignment stick and shaft point right of the target line, and laying more or less 20 degrees with the ground. You have a flat swing in “A” position.

Under-golfer’s position

For on-top golfers, the alignment stick and shaft point to the target’s right and obviously toward the ground.

On-top golfer’s position

For side-on golfers, the alignment stick and shaft point near the target, lying almost parallel to the ground. Get your swing on the right path to make your movements easier to execute. It is ideal to check your on-plane backswing weekly as you progress with the plan.

Side-on golfer’s position