Play Better Golf

Lesson 12: Nailing Your Top Position

Area: Iron Play

Practice Site: Range or at home

Instructions by: Mike Adams

You may have already learned that you have multiple ways to swing the club and hit solid shots. However, there are some absolutes. One of these absolutes is the top position. It doesn’t matter if you are an on-top, side-on, or under golfer, you must be able to maintain a “T” formation with your shoulder line and the club shaft as your backswing ends (see photo below).  


At the end of the backswing, your shoulder and the shaft should always form the letter “T”.

Check the formation by asking a friend to use an alignment rod and lay it across your shoulder blades while you hold your top position. You are in the correct position if the alignment rod and the club in your hands intersect at a right angle. If not, do the open-palm backswing drill again until you get it right.