Play Better Golf

Lesson 19: How to Simplify Pitch Swing

Area: Short Game

Practice Site: Backyard or range

Instructions by: Scott Munroe

A good pitch means having a backswing with the club on plane and duplicating this move as you finish. Here is how you do it the easy way:

Ease up your grip. Say, your normal grip pressure is a 7 on a 1-10 scale, ease your grip up and make it a 3. However, you must tighten your squeeze to the handle using your right thumb and forefinger. Point your thumbs to the sky as you swing back. Do not concentrate on how to do it… the key is to just do it. You will be able to create the right hinge, arm swing, and shoulder turn naturally and will set the club on plane. Your goal is to get to where your thumbs are pointing in your follow-through as you come down. When you focus only on your thumbs, creating a perfect arc thru the ball is highly possible, as well as hitting the ball squarely at impact.