Play Better Golf

Lesson 15: How to Nail Your Putting Alignment

Area: Putting

Practice Site: At home or practice green

Instructions by: Kellie Stenzel

Making your putting setup perfect will be beneficial in the long run as this helps you in making more putts. It is ideal to make yourself as comfortable as possible when addressing a putt, but you have to make sure that the putterface is perpendicular to the line in which you will be starting. Your shoulders should also match the ball’s starting line. Use the chalk line drill in nailing your first putt. To ensure perfect shoulder alignment, concentrate more on doing rolling putts with your feet close together. You will feel if your shoulder line is positioned correctly with this ultra-narrow stance. After doing this for a few times, make your stance wider by adjusting to your left and right. Do this until you get to your normal stance width. You will notice most Tour players start with a very narrow stance and go wider as they go. This trick will work for you if it works for them.