Play Better Golf

How to Make a Synchronized Putting Stroke


  • Erratic distance control
  • Do not hole enough 12-footers

How to fix this problem:

The strike’s quality is very important, just like the clubs in your bag. If your putts are weak, the rolls that follow will only result in erratic distance and inaccuracy. To help you with this issue, make sure that your arms work with your body. Getting yourself into the right position on set-up, you will have your arms working with your body, enabling you for a far and solid stroke.

While some coaches like to teach how to rock the shoulders in order to create momentum, I do not prefer it because it makes the arms and body disconnected. It is necessary to keep your elbows tucked into the midriff to make putting consistent, which is crucial in making longer strike range.

Striking Drill

To help improve the quality of your strikes, here is a quick but effective drill. Get four tee pegs and place two of them in the ground, wider than the putter; and the other two a foot closer to the hole. A great way to honing the stroke is to hit a series of putts sans your putter. Doing this a few times will make the hole look bigger once you are on the course; plus, it makes you more confident, too. Do this drill regularly, especially when you are about to go in a competition.