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How To Clean Your Golf Clubs

Most golfers clean their golf clubs not mainly because of appearance, but to make sure their performance are maintained at par. Keeping the grooves on the clubface debris- and dirt-free ensures that the grips’ softness and tackiness are maintained.

Maintaining the clubface grooves are crucial, since they are there to grab on the surface of the ball and allow backspins. Any particle – grass, dirt, debris, etc. – that gets into the grooves will hinder the club’s total performance. Same goes with wetness from rain, dew, or irrigation. When water on the clubface gets between the ball and club, it may result in reduced spin, hence unpredictable results.

Cleaning the Grooves

You may clean irons using a small wire brush, while a nylon-bristled brush is best for cleaning woods and hybrids. It is ideal to carry these brushes with you when playing golf, so they will always come in handy when needed. There are various brushes available that you can actually clip right on your golf bag, for convenience. Remember to bring a clean cotton rug as well, for wiping the clubheads in case they get wet.

Cleaning the Grips

Keep a small towel in your bag for wiping down the grips, especially during hot or wet days. Keep grips dry to avoid grip slippage when swinging. Grips can get worn down and turn slick after a few rounds, but you may restore their grippiness by washing them thoroughly using water and dish soap, rinsing well and drying them completely.

Instantly after washing the grips, you will notice that their tackiness and original texture is restored. Clean them regularly. Replace grips after 30-40 sessions.