Play Better Golf

Golf Tip: Practice Makes Perfect

In golf, practicing is just like eating vegetables. It’s not very enjoyable, but we all know it’s good for you. It’s easy to hit your first tee without practicing, but it won’t be the same.

Like consuming great-tasting foods with “empty calories”, all play and no practice is not very ideal. You won’t be able to improve your weaknesses and reinforce your strengths. Developing new skills and learning the complexities of your swings, the factors to your self-correction, will be almost impossible.

No practice means that your game will soon stagnate. In order to play better, you have to have the motivation to practice. And since practice is not always enjoyable, you have to make it seem palatable, to say the least. Here are some things you can do to make yourself practice more:

  1. Set a long-term goal. It may be challenging, but imagine removing some from your handicap in a few months. Then that is really worthwhile.
  2. Break down your big-picture goal into smaller ones. Small steps can lead to big goals.
  3. Identify areas that need improvement. It may be your short-putting, or driving accuracy. Nonetheless, knowing your weaknesses is one of the keys to improvement.
  4. Use golf drills to make practice more fun. Drills can challenge you, providing encouragement during practice sessions.