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Chipping it Old School Style

Chipping is one simple method used in golf that simply went “out of style”. Chipping became so rare that the only popular chipper known now is probably Hall of Famer Paul Runyan. It is surprising that this method fell out of favor, knowing that this technique allows you more accuracy with less practice. When you’ve learned the setup and the rhythmic stroke, you’ll know that you can easily get up and down with chipping. Check out this video of old school chipping with Ron Kaspriske.

Considering Scenario and the Club of Choice

While this shot can be used in various spots, it’s not a strike anywhere. Using old-school chipping can only be used if you are five yards or less from the green in the fringe. Chipping requires consistent stroke, in terms of length and speed; but you also have to consider which club to use. VIsualizing is one of the keys. Imagine where the ball should land and then calculate the distance.

Choosing the club. To determine which club is the best for you, practice with your pitching wedge, 8-iron, and 9-iron, and compare the distance the ball carries when using the same length and speed. You may also try using other clubs, but these three are the best when talking about consistency.