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  • Lesson 22: Keeping Your Driver On Plane

    Area: Driver

    Practice Site: Range

    Instructions by: Mike Adams and Mark Hackett

    After grooving with your iron swing, it is now time to take up new moves using your driver. Here’s an instructional video by Mike Adams and Mark Hackett on how to keep your driver on plane:


  • How to Make a Synchronized Putting Stroke


    Erratic distance control
    Do not hole enough 12-footers

    How to fix this problem:

    The strike’s quality is very important, just like the clubs in your bag. If your putts are weak, the rolls that follow will only result in erratic distance and inaccuracy. To help you with this issue, make sure that your arms work […]

  • Lesson 17: Stay on Plane by Stretching Your Shoulders

    Area: Flexibility and Mobility

    Practice Site: Home

    Instructions by: Jon Tattersall

    It is hard to swing the club back on plane when your shoulder mobility is limited. Jon Tattersall, Top 100 Teacher, gives pointers in improving rotation and mobility when swinging the club. Here’s how to do it correctly with less impact to your body:

  • Lesson 14: Arsenal Add-On: The Flop Shot

    Area: Short Game

    Practice Site: Backyard or Range

    Instructions By: Scott Munroe

    What to do when you need to carry a rough or hazard, but there’s a bit of a distance between the pin and the side of the green closest to you? Here’s a Phil Mickelson-inspired flop shot that is a bonafide par-saver. See the video below […]

  • Lesson 13: Arsenal Add-On: Hybrid Chip From Rough

    Area: Short Game

    Practice Site: Range or backyard

    Instructions by: Scott Munroe

    To up your chances of saving par, it is ideal to be more creative around the greens. To help improve your game, it is advised to increase your short-game shot arsenal. This lesson teaches you how to get the ball on as well as close […]

  • Lesson 10: Letting Your Hips Fly

    Area: Mobility and Flexibility

    Practice Site: Home

    Instructed by: Jon Tattersall

    If you have watched the best players in the world play, you may notice that the key to creating speed and keeping the club on plane is getting your hips to move independently. Watch the video below:

  • Lesson 9: Wear Out Your Sweet Spot

    Area: Putting

    Practice Site: Practice Green

    Instructions by: Kellie Stenzel

    When you putt and contact the ball away from the sweet spot’s center, you don’t only diminish energy transfer, which can cause the ball to come up short, your accuracy is cut off, too. This is because your putterhead is forced to twist when you do off-center contacts. […]

  • Lesson 8: How to Chip High or Low Accordingly

    Area: Short Game

    Site: Home

    Instructed by: Scott Munroe

    To be a master pitcher, chipper and bunker player, you need to learn the various trajectory of short-game shots. Learning these can triple your arsenal options. You can start this drill by swinging a medicine ball, or other same-sized object in 3 unique ways. Doing this exercise repeatedly can […]