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Putting Tips

  • Master Your Putting with the ‘Yardstick Drill’

    A putter and a good putter differ in many ways. But, any good putter may say that the ability to put short ones in three feet or less gives them the edge. Of course, some spike marks and lipouts can happen every now and them, but if you are focused on shaving stroked off your […]

  • Lesson 16: Stabilizing Your Putting Stroke

    Area: putting

    Practice Site: Home or practice green

    Instructions by: Kellie Stenzel

    So, you now have a solid setup. Next step is to stabilize your stroke. Distance and direction are hard to control when there’s excessive body motion. This is where professional and recreational golfers differ. How to fix it? When practicing, do more of an Arnold Palmer […]

  • Lesson 15: How to Nail Your Putting Alignment

    Area: Putting

    Practice Site: At home or practice green

    Instructions by: Kellie Stenzel

    Making your putting setup perfect will be beneficial in the long run as this helps you in making more putts. It is ideal to make yourself as comfortable as possible when addressing a putt, but you have to make sure that the putterface is perpendicular […]

  • Lessons 5 & 6: Testing Your Putting Precision

    Area: Putting

    Practice Site: Practice Green

    Instructions by: Kellie Stenzel

    This drill is pretty straightforward. On the practice green, set up a straight, 3-foot putt. (See above photo) Try at least 10 attempts and keep track on how well you did. Move the ball to four feet. Make 10 attempts again and see how many times you succeed […]

  • Learn How to Control Putting Speed With “Feelings”

    Have you seen Jordan Spieth play? If yes, you might have wondered at one point why he looks up at the hole as he putts instead of looking down the ball. It may seem odd, but this technique helps with your putts’ speed control.

    The basis of this drill is the basic coordination of the hand […]

  • Get Lower Scores by Busting Bad Habits

    There are two mistakes that you can make in golf. First one is easy to identify. This mistake is done when players swing too hard and lose balance, or hit the wrong club or do a shot that must not be done. These types of mistakes often happen with unfavorable results. But, sure enough, you’ll […]

  • Rickie Fowler’s Tips on Becoming a Clutch Putter

    You may think that all putts matter, but here we’d like to focus on the putt that you would really want to put in. It would really hurt to see a 6-to-12-footer stay out. Knocking a putt good and then missing the birdie is as discouraging as not saving a par. On the other hand, […]