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  • Lesson 18: Getting a Backswing Plane That Matches Your Body

    Area: Iron Play

    Practice Site: Range or at home

    Instructions by: Mike Adams

    On the earliest parts of our improvement plan, you have learned many things, including how to get a backswing plane that matches your body as well as hit a steady position at the top. Now, here comes the fun part: you get to learn how […]

  • Lesson 14: Arsenal Add-On: The Flop Shot

    Area: Short Game

    Practice Site: Backyard or Range

    Instructions By: Scott Munroe

    What to do when you need to carry a rough or hazard, but there’s a bit of a distance between the pin and the side of the green closest to you? Here’s a Phil Mickelson-inspired flop shot that is a bonafide par-saver. See the video below […]

  • Lesson 13: Arsenal Add-On: Hybrid Chip From Rough

    Area: Short Game

    Practice Site: Range or backyard

    Instructions by: Scott Munroe

    To up your chances of saving par, it is ideal to be more creative around the greens. To help improve your game, it is advised to increase your short-game shot arsenal. This lesson teaches you how to get the ball on as well as close […]

  • Lesson 11: On-Plane Backswing Check

    Area: Iron Play

    Practice Site: Range or at home

    Instructions by: Mike Adams

    As you progress with grooving, it is crucial to keep your moves in check. Are you making the right moves? It is important to match the angle of the shaft with your shoulder line midway your backswing. Take a friend with you and do the […]

  • Lesson 10: Letting Your Hips Fly

    Area: Mobility and Flexibility

    Practice Site: Home

    Instructed by: Jon Tattersall

    If you have watched the best players in the world play, you may notice that the key to creating speed and keeping the club on plane is getting your hips to move independently. Watch the video below:

  • Lesson 8: How to Chip High or Low Accordingly

    Area: Short Game

    Site: Home

    Instructed by: Scott Munroe

    To be a master pitcher, chipper and bunker player, you need to learn the various trajectory of short-game shots. Learning these can triple your arsenal options. You can start this drill by swinging a medicine ball, or other same-sized object in 3 unique ways. Doing this exercise repeatedly can […]

  • Lesson 7: How to Involve Your Lower Body In Your Swing

    Area: Iron Play

    Practice Site: Range or at home

    Instructions by: Mike Adams

    When you swing, do you think you should rotate around your right leg? Does it mean that you are reverse-pivoting when you rotate around your left leg? It really depends on you. Golfers are built differently – each with their own unique stance and ways. […]

  • Lesson 2: How to Groove Your Natural Backswing

    Area: Iron Play

    Site: Range or at home

    Instructions by: Mike Adams

    So, you have learned the basic idea on how to backswing on your most natural shape, it is now time to groove your backswing. We have learned that it is much easier to groove an on-top, under, or side-on swing by knowing how to apply pressure […]

  • Lesson 1: Finding the Best Grip and Natural Backswing Plane

    Area: Iron play

    Site: Putting range or home

    Instructions by: Mike Adams

    There are three basic types of swings and the most adept of players know that it is best to use the techniques that suits their mechanics, naturally. It is clear: doing a swing that is not ideal for you will only cause inconsistency in terms of […]

  • Mastering The Knuckle Ball Flop Shot

    Have you seen Phil Mickelson and other top-tier pros execute those flop shots every time? What makes them pretty sure about this delicate, tricky shot?

    Whenever there’s little green to work with, the flop shot can become very useful. For example, you are off the green side with a tucked pin, then you will need a […]