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  • Lesson 25: How to Have Pendulum-Style Strokes Consistently

    Area: Putting

    Practice Site: At home or practice green

    Instructions by: Kellie Stenzel

    How frequent your one-putts can be dependent on how good you are in controlling the distance of the ball roll on each attempt. To control putt distance, the best putters use a pendulum-style stroke and at the same time switch the swing length and not […]

  • Lesson 23: Power-up Your Swing With Squat

    Area: Mobility

    Practice Site: Home

    Instructions by: Jon Tattersall

    For golfers, the true source of power is the lower body. This is especially true with the likes of Bubba Watson and Rory McIlroy, both long hitters. These players start their downswing by doing a dip down, and then shoot up using their toes through the hitting zone. You […]

  • Lesson 20: Building Your Arsenal: Pitch Distance Control

    Area: Short

    Practice Site: Range

    Instructions by: Scott Munroe

    If your aim is to become a short-game marksman, it is easy, the goal is to vary your pitch distance. But it doesn’t mean you need to make your swing softer or harder according to the pin yardage. Here, you need to make consistent shots. On this drill, you […]

  • Lesson 19: How to Simplify Pitch Swing

    Area: Short Game

    Practice Site: Backyard or range

    Instructions by: Scott Munroe

    A good pitch means having a backswing with the club on plane and duplicating this move as you finish. Here is how you do it the easy way:

    Ease up your grip. Say, your normal grip pressure is a 7 on a 1-10 scale, ease your grip […]

  • How to Make a Synchronized Putting Stroke


    Erratic distance control
    Do not hole enough 12-footers

    How to fix this problem:

    The strike’s quality is very important, just like the clubs in your bag. If your putts are weak, the rolls that follow will only result in erratic distance and inaccuracy. To help you with this issue, make sure that your arms work […]

  • Lesson 18: Getting a Backswing Plane That Matches Your Body

    Area: Iron Play

    Practice Site: Range or at home

    Instructions by: Mike Adams

    On the earliest parts of our improvement plan, you have learned many things, including how to get a backswing plane that matches your body as well as hit a steady position at the top. Now, here comes the fun part: you get to learn how […]

  • Lesson 17: Stay on Plane by Stretching Your Shoulders

    Area: Flexibility and Mobility

    Practice Site: Home

    Instructions by: Jon Tattersall

    It is hard to swing the club back on plane when your shoulder mobility is limited. Jon Tattersall, Top 100 Teacher, gives pointers in improving rotation and mobility when swinging the club. Here’s how to do it correctly with less impact to your body:

  • Lesson 16: Stabilizing Your Putting Stroke

    Area: putting

    Practice Site: Home or practice green

    Instructions by: Kellie Stenzel

    So, you now have a solid setup. Next step is to stabilize your stroke. Distance and direction are hard to control when there’s excessive body motion. This is where professional and recreational golfers differ. How to fix it? When practicing, do more of an Arnold Palmer […]