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Golf and Health

  • Dealing with Putting Yips

    Putting yips can break a game, so you might want to get insights on how to cure this. If you have only had early double figures as your highest 1-hole score during your professional stint, then you are still far from making it on top. Even the great golf player, Tommy Armour racked up a […]

  • Park the Golf Cart and Be Healthier

    Invented in the 1930’s, golf carts gained popularity with golfers in the 50’s and until now, are the most common transportation mode for most golfers, particularly in the U.S.

    Carts are useful. Some courses are built on land that are not suitable for walking, hence the use of carts. These mini cars also offer courses […]

  • Golf is Beneficial Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally

    Most of the time, non-golfers think that golf requires minimal physical exertion, thus offers little health benefits. Since players mostly ride carts and just stop occasionally to hit the ball, well while standing still. So, how can this kind of “sports” be healthful?

    Well, here is a fact: golf is a healthy sports that can strengthen […]