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Driving Tips

  • Lesson 22: Keeping Your Driver On Plane

    Area: Driver

    Practice Site: Range

    Instructions by: Mike Adams and Mark Hackett

    After grooving with your iron swing, it is now time to take up new moves using your driver. Here’s an instructional video by Mike Adams and Mark Hackett on how to keep your driver on plane:


  • Pitch It Better With Less Wrist Action

    On pitch shots, the main skill that you need to focus on is how you control distance. So, how do you control distance? By predicting the contact with the ball. Hitting the ball thin or fat, even just a bit, will compromise your ball’s distance.

    Excessive wrist action during the backswing is one of the […]

  • How to Drive the Ball Straighter

    In golf, you may strive to get the ball as far as you can, but you must understand that direction is an important aspect, as well. Driving the ball in the fairway can help you score better. This article is generally tips on how to improve your drive and make the ball go straighter.

    Club face […]