Play Better Golf

Ball Striking in the Sand Drill Video

This drill will help you deal with your lack of confidence when striking the ball.

At one point, every single golf player struggles with ball striking. This video will help, particularly if you are suffering with ball striking. This drill video lets you go on with your practice shots. Keep in mind that you need to be stable as your swing hits bottom in order to make a concrete contact. This drill helps check your posture, balance and weight transfer, as well as other fundamentals.

This drill is great in helping you with ball striking without getting too specific and technical. In this video, the player goes to the beach and hits shots in the sand. You may also use any fairway bunker available. A hitting drill can help you get familiarized with how the strike feels and how to do it properly (with the right posture and all). You can start the drill by swinging softly and then increasing the power slowly. Keep your body calm, especially the lower part, when doing the drill. Excessive movements may cause you to lose your balance and make poor contacts, as well.

Improve your ball striking by practicing more and increasing the number of shots you hit. You may find it easier to strike once you return to grass. Plus, you’ll notice that you will be more confident when during strike.