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Angle of Attack Tips and Video

This video will help you fix faults in angle of attack

Faults: slicing shots with the driver

Ball flight is weak and costing you yards

Attack angle is one of the most crucial elements in the golf swing. The rule of thumb is: the longer the club, the more shallow attack angle should be. Nevertheless, if you aim in hitting a punch, then changing the attack angle to change the flight may help. Setting the proper ball position is crucial in finding the correct angle of attack. However, you can try this drill as this may help with both your attack angle and swing path, as well.

More often, we hear coaches teach us the vitality of the in-to-out swing path; however, if you do not know how to execute it, then that’s another story. This drill usually helps: By using 2 alignment sticks positioned on the ground. One of the sticks is used to check the alignment of your body, while the other is aimed to the right, at an angle. Make sure that your body squarely faces the target line and the club points at the target.

Check out the stick pointing to the right. It is there to represent what an in-to-out swing path generally looks like on impact. You may try driving your club along this line and through the golf ball. You’re in for a powerful draw if you will be able to maintain the club face square during impact. Practicing this can help you avoid over-the-top movements, which can result in pulls and slices.